Our History – Cordyceps Land

Our History

Our family founded the Cordyceps Land in 1998. Through a combination of care and toil, we’ve slowly grown into one of the largest Cordyceps store in Tibet.

We carefully select each piece of our award-winning cordyceps. In our more than 20 years of business, we always stick to quality.

January 1997

The first unexpected order

A visitor come to Tibet visited our restaurant in Lhasa. The soup he ordered was cooked with Cordyceps Sinensis. When he was leaving, he insisted to buy this ingredient. That was our first unexpected order.

March 1998

Our first store is born

We opened our first Cordyceps Store at Lhasa Tibet. Over the next 10 years, we focused on Cordyceps and expanded to three stores in Tibet.

March 2018

Time-Honored Brand of Tibet

At our 20th anniversary celebration. Our business and brand was awarded Time-Honored brand of Tibet. 

January 2020

Embrace the world online

We are living in the era of internet. We decide to open our first online store. The cordyceps that only enjoyed by Tibetan aristocrats in the old days could be enjoyed by people all over the world.