Cordyceps Land - Tibet Wild Cordyceps Sinensis, Caterpillar Fungus

Our Commitment

Bring the best Cordyceps from the pure land of Tibet to the world

Our Story

January 1997

The first unexpected order

A visitor come to Tibet visited our restaurant in Lhasa. The soup he ordered was cooked with Cordyceps Sinensis. When he was leaving, he insisted to buy this ingredient. That was our first unexpected order.

March 1998

Our first store is born

We opened our first Cordyceps Store at Lhasa Tibet. Over the next 10 years, we focused on Cordyceps and expanded to three stores in Tibet.

April 2018

Time-Honored Brand of Tibet

At our 20th anniversary celebration. Our business and brand was awarded Time-Honored brand of Tibet. 

January 2020

Embrace the world online

We are living in the era of internet. We decide to open our first online store. The cordyceps that only enjoyed by Tibetan aristocrats in the old days could be enjoyed by people all over the world.

From Tibetan Plateau

Every piece of our Cordyceps is picked from the core producing area on the Tibetan Plateau. The average elevation is more than 4000 meters above sea level. 

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Our Pickers & Suppliers

A community pick cordyceps with a focus on sustainability

Wild Pure Natural

We believe the cordyceps should be kept the way it is. We refuse to produce any so called extracts or powder. We insist to only offer the wild, pure, and natural cordyceps to our customers.

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What Customers Are Saying

Let our customers do the talking

Ronnie Yeung

Have been buying from Cordycepsland for years. The quality is always the best. It helps me a lot to reduce my stress and keep healthy 100% recommended.

Anthony Caruso

Cordyceps is amazing! I 've been looking for the real Tiebt cordyceps to help with focus and endurance, and this works wonders. Have purchased from Cordyceps Land multiple times and will do so again.

James Eidson

I have gotten and tried other cordyceps powders/capsules in the past, and not satisfied... until now. Cordyceps Land is very responsive and knowledgeable.


Finally found a place to buy the real wild cordyceps online. Best quality I've found so far, I will be a lifetime customer. Trying to develop more healthy dishes with cordyceps.